Expansions Ahoy!

Time for another update on my indie game!


Discarded Level Designs

Hi Everyone! What is this?? Another post so soon?? – That’s right, indeed it is! So… as I promised in the last post, I’d spend this post talking about all the discarded levels… Continue reading

Still Alive! & Development Update

Hi everyone, So recently I’ve had a lot of time to think about what kind of content I’ve been wanting to share on my blog. I’ve thought about some analytical articles, some work updates… Continue reading

9 Steps to Better Topology!

Hi Everyone, as promised I’m sharing a part of my 3D modeling pipeline with you guys. So, many experts already know about re-topology techniques, but if you were like me sometime last year… Continue reading

Developers Who Are Concerned

So wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted! But in all honesty, a lot of my musings were going to my Youtube channel! 🙂 – But now that let’s plays and… Continue reading

Life Is Strange – A Much Needed Change

Eh eh? See what I did with the title?? PURE GENIUS wouldn’t you agree? Hehe… well horrifically bad jokes deserving of a hanging aside… I’ve been meaning to write a post about DontNod’s… Continue reading

It’s Her Again… but UNREAL

Hello world! Yes I’m still alive would you believe it? So as I think of the little Otacon sprite from Metal Gear Solid 2 saying: “It’s the commandant again…” today I’d like to… Continue reading

Survival Horror On The Rise? – Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within

Hi Everyone! I’ve actually managed to do another post within a timely manner! – Yay me! Is anyone else really excited for the list of survival horror games that’s soon to come? With… Continue reading

Alice in… 3D-Land?

Oh man, you know I’m the absolute best at coming up with post titles! Well, I thought I’d update you all with what exactly I’ve been up to the past… yup.. the past… Continue reading


Hi Guys… So… I know what you’re thinking… I’m looking at the post dates… BUT! In the interest of moving on with the stuff I want to share and not starting EVERY post… Continue reading