End of the Holidays… Beginning of an ERA!


Hello everyone,

Well, it’s literally been about two months since I last posted on here… that’s seriously my bad! But hey, I’ve been on holidays! 😀

However, I didn’t actually venture very far from my residence, in fact not at all due to some financial difficulties. It may sound quite sad but I spent a lot of my time updating my skillset for Games and 3D Modelling!

The highlight however was having my best friend around for a much needed gaming session which pretty much involved us fragging folks left, right and centre through various games: Halo 4, The Last of Us and of course Rainbow Six Vegas 2; our all-time classic 😉 – All rounded off with the occasional drive on the Nurburgring in Gran Turismo 5 and a good ol’ Tag-team match up against some dudes in DOA5.

Another cool thing that happened during the holidays was that Ninja Theory were recruiting for a Junior Character Artist… I know right?! NINJA THEORY!! In case you’ve been living under a rock, they’re the seriously cool guys responsible for the awesome Devil May Cry reboot as well as Heavenly Sword, one of PS3’s first-ever launch exclusives. Needless to say I applied for the position because damn; working at a place like that would be well… nothing short of a dream come true! HOWEVER, I applied only after spending what was perhaps a FULL WEEK without proper sleep getting all my 3D work together and compiled into a video Showreel and updating everything on my Behance Portfolio site. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages but was always too focused on just creating stuff rather than uploading stuff. xD Hehe!

Anyway, on that note; please go and give my portfolio another look as it’s been completely re-done with this year’s portfolio theme and colors! Also, don’t be shy to let me know what you think or leave a comment, feedback is always appreciated! http://www.behance.net/miwi09

Aaannnddd if you’re interested or can’t be bothered to browse through all the work on there you can watch my Showreel embedded for your convenience 🙂 :

As I’m really excited about all the new stuff I’ve been creating, I’d like to share some of that with you folks right here! First up is a female head mesh you may have caught a glimpse of before, however; it is now all done and finished…. until it’s isn’t again (you know how I work), it is based off a certain person which a few people have guessed right thus far so have a crack at her yourself!


So yes, you may have sussed that I like my girls with short hair… if you want a reason I’ll refer you to Pokemon Breeder Extraordinaire: Brock: “Her short, boyish haircut helps exaggerate her gentle, feminine features.” Thanks for standing with me brother 😉 hehe.


So why the new head? Well, I think it was about time I went ahead and created another new head from scratch that was drastically different from the last few. This time I focused on a totally western look, but honestly; after playing The Last of Us (which needless to say is an awesome game – go buy it now!), one cannot help but be inspired by all the hard work and detail that went into that game just visually, after looking closely at Joel and Ellie, I really wanted to have another go at pushing my skills. This time forcing 90% of the head work to be done inside Zbrush. I realized this time just how powerful Zbrush can be and more importantly, I gained much more fluency with the software. and I really now feel that Max is just a tool to create the base mesh for my models and then have them dumped into Zbrush to be awesome-ified!

So you may notice the polygon count is a wee bit high this time ’round, but I simply felt that with the industry moving into next-gen, I couldn’t justify sticking to just 2,000 – 3,000 polys anymore. In total, the head comes to 4,500 polygons (hair included).

And from this head, birthed another, this time satisfying everyone who complained about me making only female characters and components. Well here ya go!:



You may also perhaps recognize this guy too, well good luck trying to figure out who! This was just a quick sculpt done to experiment with creating a male head in Zbrush and detailing it to the same degree of what I like to call: “Last of Us Quality.” I gotta say, it’s 10x easier to make a man’s head and to detail it, no one really cares how many creases or scratches he has on his face, it’s all part of the “gruffness,” but put the same attention into a girl’s head and she looks like your grandma!

Right, enough about me harping on about my work (although I am extremely happy with them), today is the 18th of August, which literally marks 9 days and counting to possibly the best MMO I’ve played to date. Some of you who’ve been snooping around here for a while may remember the post I wrote about Yoshida-san, creative director of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Having the privilege to participate in the newest incarnation’s BETA phases, I have to say hand on heart that it really is the best MMO I’ve played to date, and yes, I play Warcraft.

Why you may ask? Simple answer, I just can’t describe it. It’s something amazing that Yoshida-san and his team have done to the game that makes the MMO immersive, beautiful, engaging and fun all at the same time. It really does feel like your old-school Final Fantasy, just online. Square Enix really weren’t kidding when they said they were bringing in their best team to remake it!


The combat is really engaging and fun, not to mention it’s beautiful, I find it so fun that I can actually play a caster class and not get bored! And! Up until know, I’ve only got 1 Offensive Ability! It totally helps that you get some really awesome battle music and it’s not long before you’re dishing out pain and damage to enemies like Stone Golems!ffxiv_17082013_174809

The FATE system is not only unique but challenging and totally fun, there’s nothing quite like the rush of fighting a horde of enemies with a group of strangers in desperately tight, close-quarters combat.


The visuals speak for themselves, I’ve spent all three BETA phases inside Limsa Lominsa, only one of three starting cities and you know what… I’m FAR from done with it!


The housing system or the inn-room system? Uh YES! My god, it’s totally awesome to have a place you can customize and make your own in an MMO, it’s a core component I’ve felt that’s been missing in so many others it’s truly a sight for sore eyes in FFXIV.

There’s literally hours left of the open BETA, what are you doing?! Go play some now!!

Well folks, I’ll close this long post today by congratulating Yoshida-san once again on an extremely well-made rebirth to a game that died before it was born.

Yoshida-san, you and your team are a true inspiration to not just myself but I’m sure; many developers out there. Your long, passionate and unwavering commitment to making this game what you all envisaged from the start has totally paid off. Eventhough you’re giving me all the new collector’s edition content for free because I bought 1.0’s collector’s edition, know that I’m going to go ahead and purchase the collector’s edition to the PS3 version. Why? I’ll be honest and admit I don’t really have any intention of playing the game on the PS3, I just want to give you that extra $50 you more than deserve and will happily subscribe monthly as my continuing thanks for your efforts.

Well, that’s it for me today folks, as always; I will try to post more regularly! Peace! 😀