A Small Project…

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to share with you another little thing I’ve been working on. Been a while since I’ve done anything properly meaningful in the 3D Modelling world!

As my 3D Modelling ECA is starting up again at school, I’ve chosen to take it a little further this time and give the students the opportunity to create their very own Survivor character.

And yes, I have to admit, hands in the air, it’s heavily inspired by The Last of Us, but hey, if you don’t find that game inspiring, there’s something wrong with ya!

So, a Survivor character gives the students an opportunity to be creative and design their own outfit per-see but to not be too overly-complicated and make their own… let’s say… soldier, fantasy character or monster etc. It still conforms to natural, average and typical human anatomy forms but adds a bit of personalisation previously not possible with pilots last time.

So, as a custom, I’ve always modeled at least a grey-mesh character as an example as to what to aim for etc. And here she is, (yes it’s a she… What?! There’s only a handful of female survivor characters out there like Zoey…)


So, as you can see, still in the grey-mesh stage, hopefully I will be able to have her done and textured by the 12th of September!