A little extra somethin’

Hi guys,

Today I just wanted to share a little something with ya I’ve been working on the last two days, it’s actually nothing related to anything I’ve shown / discussed before on here and it was made for a project I can disclose absolutely nothing about hehe πŸ™‚

The task was to suggest an art style for both a male and female character and one of the main focuses was the head as that would be one of the aspects players would have a choice over and would be a constant for certain mechanics. So, I went ahead and decided to spice things up a bit and create something I’ve not done before, and take it all the way from conception to completion! πŸ˜€

progress08.03.14The artistic style this time around allowed me to experiment with making something that wasn’t aimed at being photo-realistic, the design and inspiration came primarily from character models seen in Star Wars: The Old Republic and Dishonored and features hand-painted textures. The above screenshot shows the sculpting detail inside Zbrush and this artistic style had to be projected onto a low-poly head mesh and still maintain this kind of “jaggedness” seen here, it was a bit of a challenge to keep the effect with a lower poly count, but with some hand-painted strokes for the textures and some intense pinching with the brushes the result was…

finished08mars14Well, that’s the final result, I don’t think it turned out too badly and it was nice to have a chance to model something different as most of my characters are generally female. See folks? I can do guys too hehe… but yeah, I will be doing a few more male characters soon but quite honestly, I am just a little tired of seeing male protagonists, up until now, the characters that you’ve seen have been protagonists to various projects and I often opt for them to be female rather than the usual male.

But ja, more males to come πŸ˜€

Well that’s all folks, just a quick share!

Catch ya next time!