Something I’ve Been Meaning to Share…

Kept you waiting huh folks?

Well, I’ll begin how I usually do and say, WOW I can’t believe how much time has past between my last post and since I’ve been meaning to upload this post here!

(To tell you the truth, I spent all this time trying to perfect a certain renderer software > >, you’ll see…)

So, onto the news I wanted to share. After a few additional talks with some friends, I decided Amy needed a small but crucial change and to be honest it’s something that has been on my mind a lot recently. And NO, before you go: “OH MY GOODNESS, he’s gone ahead and changed the entire damn character again!” Let me draw you to the word “small” hehe, because it is, but it brings about a significant change! – Think of it as the same thing Hideo Kojima did when it was near the end of METAL GEAR SOLID 4’s development and he made the decision to tweak one of the dialogue snippets for Sunny! A small change, but a big difference! 🙂


So, as you may have noticed, her pants may have changed just a little. Yup, I decided to swap out her formal work pants for some more casual-looking denim jeans. I did this because I felt that the Amy with the work pants just felt too old and for her actual age. Although I’ve not settled on a specific year, she’s definitely in her early 20s, and putting work pants on her seemed out-of-character and a bit too old for her current mind-set and personality.

Another small little change came in her back story, Amy was listed as a standard cop before in her earlier descriptions but has now been upgraded to a Deputy U.S. Marshal, the reason being was to allow her enforcing jurisdiction cross-states in the US, allowing her to travel to the town with her equipment / uniform and/or vehicle without be reprimanded. This decision also helped flesh out her waist a little, I decided that the belt seemed a little sparse around her waist and a little empty, so I decided to look up the basic belt/waist/hip attachments law enforcement would carry around, most carried badges, a cuff pouch, magazine pouch and some kind of tactical light pouch and key fob. I didn’t want to add the badge as I felt that would really turn her into a stereotypical Texas Ranger and dropped the idea of including a magazine pouch as I clearly wanted to indicate to the player that she’s not expecting a firefight, and they shouldn’t expect the game to be a shooter, it is after all; classic survival-horror.

So, this is the clean Amy, as clean Amy was finished, it was natural to move onto hurt / damaged Amy:


Damaged Amy is fundamentally the same, but had the textures changed slightly to suit the damage that would happen to denim jeans, the damage overall was reduced as I felt it was a little too extreme the last time. There will be varying levels of visible damage players will be able to appreciate in the final product but this is designed to be an example of a mid-level damage visualization.

So that’s the update I’ve been waiting to share, the next update I’d like to show you guys is the revised Doppelganger teased in the header of the site, I will do as soon as I get her right 🙂 – There’s still a few tweaks and adjustments I want to make to the textures and render to ensure her character remains 100% intact and true before I show you guys! So, sorry about that but please accept these… I dunno… beauty shots I guess? of Amy I did for fun to try and push the realism in Marmoset Toolbag 2 in the meantime:

amy2 dopp2

See y’all next time! 🙂