Hi Guys…

So… I know what you’re thinking… I’m looking at the post dates…

BUT! In the interest of moving on with the stuff I want to share and not starting EVERY post with the same excuse let’s shift past the first bit!


I’m currently sat here looking back at the work I’ve posted here on the blog, things I’ve been proud of and wanted to share, but then surfing the internet only to find heaps of 3D work that is not only superbly rendered and presented, but beautifully crafted as well. Then, I look back at my own accomplishments and still feel like I’m missing the mark by quite a bit.

So in all honesty, I’ve been wanting to post quite a few different things I’ve worked on on the blog, but for once I wanted to take five for a little bit and review the quality of my submissions. I wanted my next post to be something phenomenal, something that I know when I looked back again; I could still be proud of! 🙂 Whilst this all sounds really negative, I see it more as a positive driving push for creating what I would like to say Perfect 3D Characters.

So, I’ve been working on a few different characters recently, and yes! They’re not all girls either! I recently heard that people often think all I can do is create 3D females and well… take a look below! 🙂




Where as previously, this would be where I left off my male head meshes, I’m pushing both these guys through to a final, fully-completed character mesh. I’m not going to say what they’re for exactly but I’m attempting to squeeze out detail for what would be a current-gen release- character mesh. I just wanted to see how far I could go with sculpting detail into skin and let me just say, it is heaps easier to create detail and realism with male characters. It is very easy to draw and sculpt scratches, marks and pockets of skin wear and tear here and there and not have the character look ancient. Apply the same theory to a girl however and it’s a lot more complicated than that!

But of course, that doesn’t mean to say I’ve abandoned girls altogether! After sculpting these two, I wanted to try and push myself to squeeze out the same realistic detail for my female characters too, I have to prove I can make the transition from PS3-generation graphics to PS4-generation visuals. See the result below!


I have often said (possibly more than once on here) that my primary inspiration for creating 3D characters to a high quality like this, all came from CAPCOM’s Lead Character Artist: Satoshi Ueda who at the time; worked on the Jill Valentine model for the Majorly successful remake of Resident Evil on the Nintendo Gamecube. I remember being totally blown away about how life-like she moved and looked even with the dated graphics! To this day, I still think the model is superb, breaking the visual rules that would otherwise put people off going back and playing older game titles.


Although I’m not going to name this character or explain her context (I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find out who she is), she is definitely a very important character, one very close to my own heart for at least the last 2 years. After great consultation and advice from a close friend, I was able to revisit this character with new knowledge and be inspired to really push for this girl-next-door look. Something that looked like she had life to her; that wasn’t stereotyped or generic, too iconic or sign-posted, but a character where you could believe was real. This inspiration allowed me to push this visually and I believe for once, I may have achieved what I was looking for. It’s probably the very first character I’ve created that I can honestly say at least for me; I can see a soul in the eyes, and surrender myself in empathy to her personality and her story.


I simply cannot stress enough how important the feeling of achieving this relation with this character was. Technically, her polygon specs are still that of PS3- generation and there’s definitely more improvements to come before her final build in-game is released as we’ve made the push to next-gen. Let’s just say that it’s a character that must come across as believable, otherwise the whole immersion is lost. The thought process for this character came from an idol of mine in which he wrote about his character:

“Years living day and night with [her], her face, her voice, her breath. When I leave her for good to live her life and meet the players. I know I’m going to miss her a lot.” – David Cage

Really, that’s how I feel about a lot of my characters, not all; but a lot. Which is why it takes a really long time for me to make one! 🙂

They say it’s impossible to not impart some element of you in your works and well, I can say in testament to the statement that’s totally true, she has definitely stolen a part of my heart and I sincerely hope; when she makes her debut to the world, when the time is right; she will steal a part of yours as well.

Thanks for reading the gigantic post guys and see you soon! 🙂