Alice in… 3D-Land?


Oh man, you know I’m the absolute best at coming up with post titles!

Well, I thought I’d update you all with what exactly I’ve been up to the past… yup.. the past month!

Quite a few things actually but first item on the list is:

008 009 promo1

Yup, so some of you who maybe frequent my site will remember the United Nations Sentinels characters. Back in their time they pulled in quite a bit of attention and well… after about nearly 2 years since their original design debuted, I thought it was high-time I revisited their design and update them a little.

When I mean update, I basically mean an entire 100% overhaul of the character and it’s mesh so… none of the last model was recycled whatsoever, nothing but the colour scheme hehe. The mesh you currently see is definitely a work in progress and unlike the sentinels in the past, I intend this to just be a one-off still image piece and not even a full-body render.

This particular sentinel is a character I’ve wanted to explore and being visual-sensitive, I thought instead of write about her and realise her that way, I thought hell; I’ll just Zbrush her into existence!

2nd up on the list is…

screenshot045 screenshot083

So I’m finally going to reveal who this is to everyone. This is Alice Summers. I won’t harp on about how much I like this character again like I did in the last post (psst for those who didn’t read the last post, I REALLY like this character). But I thought she deserved a re-post as I’ve been experimenting with trying to find the best hair-rendering solution out there and discovered Zbrush FiberMesh. Although unfortunately not game-engine friendly, it’s a good state to strive for I reckon.

My dream for now is to just pop her out of Marmoset and into the Epic Unreal Engine 4 for superb rendering and in-game use!

Well that’s it for now from me guys, thanks for reading the post and I’ll have more for you later!

Take cares!!