sophistication2Hello World!

My name is Mike Wilson, my Dream is to be one of the greatest Video Game Designers ever known!

I am a recent graduate from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, who possesses a 1st Class Honors degree in Games Design, and does nothing but think about video games, video games, video games and….yes… you guessed it! – VIDEO GAMES!

Since the age of 10 with my trusty ol’ PlayStation console, I was introduced to the Video Game Industry by none other than Hideo Kojima’s legendary Metal Gear Solid. Playing the game (even when I shouldn’t legally have done so…) I became totally inspired by characters, narratives, art, and the direct interaction that a person can have on a video game, and conversely; the interaction a video game could have on that person!

After completing high school with an ambitious board game adaptation of Konami’s Metal Gear Ac!d, I decided that I was going to make games, not board games (that was just to quench my hunger for video games), but ACTUAL video games!

Since those days I’ve been striving, pushing, pulling, punching, scratching every last ounce of my abilities to prove to everyone that I can be a great video game designer!

I became particularly interested in characters in media and started pursuing the idea of exploring game narratives through the eyes of characters, fervently trying to reach new heights in original character design, 3D modelling and storytelling to realize my dream!

So…. enough about me… what’s this Blog about again??

This blog is a way of me communicating directly to you (anyone interested enough to browse) my skills, ambitions, what I’m up to and just plain frustration as I constantly fight with the difficulties of original design (designer’s block), intellectual property and my favorite modelling software 3DS Max 🙂

Seriously though, all kidding aside, I hope to one day make it into the video game industry and be extremely successful, work with exceptionally talented people in the world’s best teams, for the world’s greatest company making the most phenomenal games available to mankind!

Who knows… I may even one day make my own company! *Evil Laugh*

Please enjoy your stay and feel free to browse around!

Happy Surfing!

– Mike