Something I’ve Been Meaning to Share…

Kept you waiting huh folks? Well, I’ll begin how I usually do and say, WOW I can’t believe how much time has past between my last post and since I’ve been meaning to upload this post… Continue reading

A little extra somethin’

Hi guys, Today I just wanted to share a little something with ya I’ve been working on the last two days, it’s actually nothing related to anything I’ve shown / discussed before on… Continue reading

Project: Black Tears Research Notes

Hi guys! Just thought I’d share with you a few research notes I made a while ago! Seeing as how the characters are now built and finished (got a few technical components to… Continue reading

A Big Update… of Sorts…

Hey Folks! Well, it’s back at work for me after a successful and productive half-term break! As some of you in a similar industry may be aware of, it was recently my school’s… Continue reading

Back into the Fray…

Hi guys! Well the holiday’s over and things are all back to normal with the 6AM wake-ups and early starts back at work but hey, I have some news to share with you… Continue reading

Happy New Year 2014!

Hi everyone! Well, I want to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2014! I sincerely hope everyone’s dreams, wishes and hopes come true this year! I also wanted to sincerely… Continue reading

A Small Project…

Hi Guys! Just wanted to share with you another little thing I’ve been working on. Been a while since I’ve done anything properly meaningful in the 3D Modelling world! As my 3D Modelling… Continue reading

End of the Holidays… Beginning of an ERA!

Hello everyone, Well, it’s literally been about two months since I last posted on here… that’s seriously my bad! But hey, I’ve been on holidays! 😀 However, I didn’t actually venture very far… Continue reading

A Return to 2D Design

Hi Everyone, Well I’m glad to be over my cold… I think it’s finally gone… it kinda lingered for a few days longer than I thought! So, 3DS Max 2014 is out now… Continue reading

The Airforce is Here!

Hello World! Damn damn damn has it been a long time since I’ve posted anything! I’m really sorry about that guys but I’ve just been SO busy would you believe it! So, what… Continue reading