Benchmarking ’till Releases!

Hello Everyone! Anyone excited for any upcoming games? So, my calender tells me today that it’s the night of the 27th of February… that means…just 6 days until the re-telling of Tomb Raider… Continue reading

One Week’s Worth of Holidays!

Hello again everybody! I thought it was about time I write another post! Well, like the title suggests, I’ve just been enjoying one week’s worth of vacation seeing as how it’s currently half-term… Continue reading

Tomb Raider – Hello Lara Croft!

Hello A’body! – Nothing like a bit of Scottish to start off a blog post eh?? So, I’ve just recently watched this video about the new Tomb Raider: And hey it looks pretty… Continue reading

It’s been a while…

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a whole half-a-month since I’ve posted! Sorry!! But I do have good reasons! I’ve been incredibly busy managing my sleep patterns for my job lately… and trying… Continue reading

My CGPortfolio Gallery is Here!

Hi Everyone! I’m not so sure why I’m really excited about this, but I’ve finally got around to uploading proper work to my CGPortfolio site. I’ve had my profile there for a few… Continue reading

Say Hello to Lucy & Help Wanted!

Hi Everyone! Well, it’s been a HUGELY long time hasn’t it?! Wow… I have to say… it’s good to be back and blogging! Weird thing is, I never thought I’d considered myself a… Continue reading

Lucy + New Mesh = Complete!

Easiest math ever eh? Now, I was no whiz kid at mathematics but even I can figure out what that equation means! YES! Lucy is done! Don’t believe me? Take a look for… Continue reading

Naoki Yoshida – A Legendary Developer

I was one of those guys who; at the initial launch of FINAL FANTASY XIV, went and bought the collector’s edition and started playing it. Well look how far it’s come now! Although… Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2013 everyone! We are now into the year 2013! I hope everyone’s wishes, dreams and ambitions come true this year 😀 I know a few things are changing in my… Continue reading

Zbrush Detailing Begins!

Hi everyone! Today, after unwrapping Lucy completely and cleaning up any isolated vertexes, adding additional swift loops and exporting key low-resolution OBJs, I started the detailing stage in Zbrush. Because I had the… Continue reading