Lucy Summers 2.0 Base Mesh – Unwrapped

Hi everyone, Just a post to let you know, progress is still very much under-way! I have Lucy’s higher-resolution base mesh unwrapped now. There are in total; 5 textures maps that designate: The… Continue reading

Lucy Summers 2.0 Preview!

Hi everyone! I have some exciting things to share! I’ve made some upgrades to Lucy’s base mesh to incorporate more detail and presence. The total polygon count is now what I like to… Continue reading

Happy Holidays! & a Revisit with Lucy

Hi Everyone! Well, I know it’s kinda late, although there’s still New Year to come; HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I hope everyone had some good R&R over the holiday and enjoyed themselves! 🙂 Being in… Continue reading

A preview of something… that just wasn’t meant to be!

Hello everyone! No don’t worry! I haven’t cancelled any projects or anything! Whilst learning the ins & outs of CryENGINE 3, I created what I now call a scratch level that was my sandbox to… Continue reading

Ambiance Update & Wallpapers! :)

Hello world! Been a while since I’ve blogged eh? I’ve still been working away at the project and can finally say, I’m happy with everything for once! The characters, enemies, weapons, planned mechanics,… Continue reading

Project: Ambiance….has some ambiance!

Hello world! Today, I bring some very exciting news! As I’m learning the CryENGINE alongside my trusty books, I got creative with the terrain and forest assets that ship with both the book and the… Continue reading

Making a start in the CryEngine…

Hi Y’all! Well, the time has come to finally make an actual start inside the CryEngine 3 Sandbox Editor now! Today, I spent all day devising a nice little bird’s-eye-view map of the… Continue reading

Crown Victoria Progress

Hello Everyone! Now that the characters are done, I have yet another mystery asset to unveil today! Took me a while and a lot of hair pulling to figure out just how exactly… Continue reading

The Doppelganger… has arrived!

Good morning everybody! Today I have some very exciting news to share with you all! Like the title suggests, the doppelganger is now finished! We now have our famed stalker ready for dumping… Continue reading

Lucy Summers – Alpha

Hello everyone! I have exciting news to share today! Today, after 7 hrs straight of refining, tweaking and styling… Lucy is now done! At least enough so that she can go into testing… Continue reading