Additional Progress!

Hello world! Anyone a bike person?? I wasn’t up until I saw this beauty…   Then I was like…. WOW, that’s one helluva bike! SO! I decided to go ahead and give Lucy… Continue reading

A little name change and some updates!

Hi again world! Today, I wanted to announce *big E3-event-like-drums* that Kelly has now had her name changed to Lucy! Why? – Well honestly, It think it has a bit of a better ring… Continue reading

Kelly in the Engines!

Hi everyone! Been tweaking all the damage / wet / dirt textures for Kelly today and finally decided to get her OUT of Max and INTO CryEngine 3. After tearing my hear out… Continue reading

The Return of my Desktop!

Hello everyone! I have finally got my desktop back and already set it all up… ah… fits just like a glove xD Even though… Pickfords did cause some outside cosmetic damage to the… Continue reading

The Doppelganger is here!

Hi Everyone! I have some good news! My shipment is finally going to arrive tomorrow now at 2PM… YES…. this means I will have ZE POWER OF MY DESKTOP! Finally…after 2 months… x… Continue reading

New Business Cards & CVs!

Hi everyone! I decided today that I would finally finish my new CV and I did! Not only that but I also made some new business cards! I took a look at the… Continue reading

Hospital Stage: Asset Production Begins!

Hi folks! Well, believe it or not I’ve been informed by my shipping organizer that my stuff won’t get to my door until November 5th now… 😦 – (Note to self: Never use… Continue reading

Project: Ambiance Sister Production

Hi everyone! Believe it or not, I’m still waiting for all my hardware to arrive from UK! (That’s one powerful desktop, two screens and extra stuff). They tell me I should expect to… Continue reading

Phase 1 Texturing

So just quickly hashed together some textures to see how the model will look in the end and it’s not looking to shabby! Just a quick post before bed today to show some… Continue reading

Base Mesh Stage 1 – Completo!

Well, after a solid day’s worth of work completed, I now have the base mesh ready and color-coded. Still not happy with the way some things look just yet, will have to tweak… Continue reading