Kelly Summers

After much consultation and feedback considered, I decided to revise the design for the main character; who now has a name: Kelly Summers! A lot of the feedback I received was that the… Continue reading

Project: Ambiance Protagonist Concept

Well, after re-designing and tweaking a few areas of a previous piece of concept art I drew for this character a few months ago, and a close inspection of the thumbnail drawings created… Continue reading

Bike Helmets!

I bought a bike helmet the other day for cosplay reasons and found….it comes in handy in other ways too! (And yes that’s a Cortana inside it) hehe

Paper Doll Galore!

Today I spent my time drawing up some brief, very simple “paper doll” sketches for the protagonist of a project I’m working on. A girl in her early 20s, who shares a motorcycle… Continue reading

Resident Evil 6: Tokyo Game Show 2012 Official Trailer

A brand new, fantastic trailer has just been released by CAPCOM at Tokyo Game Show 2012, you can tell heaps of effort has gone into this new installation. I personally think this will… Continue reading


Hi all! I have actually; finally, completed the UN Sentinel 😀 Here is her final render: She weighs in at a total of exactly 11,111 Polygons! 🙂 I had a bit of time… Continue reading

Hello from the Land of Smiles! :)

Hello Everyone! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted…once again… but I’ve just got back to my home country: Thailand! So hello from the land of smiles! I’ve spent my time visiting… Continue reading


Hi everyone! I have an important update!! Today, I spent time creating a good set of teeth to go inside the UN chick here instead of some basic planes, and then decided to… Continue reading

Kept You Waiting Huh??

Well well it’s been a whilte I know! But has anyone seen the new gameplay footage for the recently announced Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes?? It’s absolutely amazing, just when I thought I… Continue reading

Hey! Where have I gone??

Have no fear folks I am still here alive and kicking! ! You will have to forgive me with the recent lack-of-updates thing as I’ve been arranging removal and transportation shipping for my… Continue reading