50% of the way there!

Hi All! Well after another long afternoon + night’s worth of work, I now post at 4:20AM; the latest “build” of the UN Trooper; now affectionately renamed to Sentinel / Peace Sentinel in honour of… Continue reading

Long time no post eh??

  Hey! I know I’ve not posted in ages, but hey, I’ve had a bit of a break now and back to more work! I’ve just spent the past 5 hours unwrapping and… Continue reading

Texturing the Bust

  Well, decided to do some texturing today and test out the flow of my UVW unwrap from the night before and well… excellent news! I have achieved the image on the right by using… Continue reading

CAPCOM-ifying my Mesh… and UVWs!!

  Well well… this should give folks a…pretty good idea as to what I’ve been upto! Yes, as I’ve said many times before I draw heaps of inspiration from many Japanese-modelled characters made… Continue reading

Brit-Tac Airsoft and Update!

Brit-Tac Airsoft and Update!

Today, I went to play some Airsoft for the first time with some friends at the Brit-Tac skirmish centre in South Yorkshire.

Whilst it was an interesting experience, thrilling and a lot of fun I found I was totally out-geared!! It seems I’ve been a bit out-of-the-know when it comes to new pieces of military tech and kit. There were guys there, armed to the teeth with tac-radios, proper ballistic face masks, laser sights, flash lights, holographic scopes, genuine UK fatigues and all sorts. Then there were the folks that came along in your standard hoodie, jeans and mask combo.

After playing three rounds before my annoying flat-feet gave up on me and was restricted to bodyguard duty (really annoying by the way…), I had a go at really getting into the mind of a soldier; somewhat role-playing a little to help make the experience genuine, clearing rooms, aiming, sneaking, running and barking orders and commands; it was actually a legitimately great learning experience which has only helped to buff up my military knowledge.

And… is actually really helpful for my UN Trooper!

Soo…. Airsoft aside! Updates to the UN trooper! Well, in light of today’s events, I felt like I had to give her a bit of an upgrade and swapped out all her magazine pouches, and replaced them with some traditional webbing pouches, some completely hard-cased and modern and some completely unique. I also made the “tactical” decision to swap out her MP5 Primary firearm for the Advanced Combat Rifle, and changed magazines accordingly.

Another update was done to the mesh to help bring the model under 12,000 polygons, although there is no actual limit in this competition; I still do want to be able to put her into CryEngine one day and bring her to life! Even if it is just her running around mindlessly in some METAL GEAR-ish VR training simulation mode!

United Nations Agent – Weapon Update!

United Nations Agent - Weapon Update!

Well, that took a lot longer than expected! I seemed to conveniently forget that with a military model came all the military gear… and it’s military polygons!! Suddenly my count is a little larger!

Oh well, finally her belt looks nicely equipped complete with that hard-cased gun holster. Boy… that was strange and quirky to make! Aha modelling!

Won’t be long before it’s time to unwrap her!

United Nations Agent – Stealth Black Progress!

United Nations Agent - Stealth Black Progress!

Now that I’ve got a bit of spare time, I’ve entered into a friendly competition with a long-time “Sensei of 3D Modelling” friend of mine!

The deadline’s end of August and this is shaping up nicely! The competition is to build the best looking character ever with an unlimited polygon count (although I’m sticking to game boundaries so I can put her in an engine one day!).

Hello Everybody!

First of all, thank you for visiting my blog! Here you can keep up to date with everything I’m currently working on, both professionally and just for fun! Along with some other…fun little… Continue reading